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So often within our baseball debates were searching for the very best something: The best hitter from the 80s, the very best pitcher from the pre-WWII era, etc. Yet rare is the occasion where we find the worst player in a particular category or era. Sometimes that player jumps out at us and causes us to be notice; its the only reason why anyone knows Neifi Perezs name. But unle s it is blatantly obvious the worst player often goes ignored. Until I ran a random Play Index search a week ago, I had never heard the name Bill Bergen, the person you see to your right. Since Ive found him, though, Im confident that he is the worst hitter in baseball history.
When citing a good example of sporting dominance, I often use Wayne Gretzky. J.C. Tretter Jersey He is the only player in NHL history to attain 200-plus points inside a season, and that he made it happen four times. Bergen provides a similar example, except we can replace the word dominance with ineptitude. He is the only player since 1901 who accumulated 250 or more PA by having an OPS+ of 10 or fewer and he did it in three consecutive seasons.
RkPlayerHROPS+PAYearAgeTmLgGBAOBPSLGOPS1Bill Bergen11372190931BRONL112. Bergen0-4250191133BRONL84. Bergen06273191032BRONL89. by View Play Index Tool UsedGenerated 2/18/2011.Bergens Wikipedia page supplies a fitting account of Bills shortcomings at the plate.
Bergen had 3,228 at-bats in the career, and in that point he compiled a batting average of .170, the all-time record low for players who compiled greater than 2,500 plate appearances. Three pitchers using more than 2,500 plate appearances managed higher career batting averages than Bergen: Pud Galvin with .201, Bobby Mathews with .203, and Cy Youngwith . Don Jones Jersey 210. Among position players, the following lowest career batting average is Billy Sullivan with .213. Bergens career on-base percentage was .194he may be the only player with a minimum of 500 at-bats by having an OBP under .200. He had only two home runs. In 1909, Bergen hit .139, the cheapest average ever for a player who qualified for the batting title. That season, he set another record for futility by going 46 at-bats in a row without a base hit, Pierre Desir Jersey the longest streak ever with a position player (pitcher Bob Buhl went 88 at-bats without a hit).[3] From 1904 to 1911, Dodger pitchers like a group outhit Bergen, .169 to .162.
If you go to our career leader boards and sort by poorest wOBA, youll see that 23 players in baseball history po se s a worse career wOBA than Bergen. How, then, can he be the worst hitter? Click on any kind of those 23 names. After which click on another. And the other. Notice a trend? Theyre all pitchers. Actually, on that page from the 35 worst wOBAs in baseball history, just one other player, Stump Weidman, is really a non-pitcher.
The WAR leader board tells an identical story. At -15 WAR, Bergen is the worst position player ever, as the two players in front of him are, yes, pitchers. (Greg Maddux?!?) And, again, the majority of the surrounding players about this first page of WAR trailers are pitchers. Taking it a step further, when we sort by batting component, we have seen that Bergen ranks second worst, by 10 runs, to Tommy Corcoran. But thats only a matter of time. In the 18-year career, Corcoran came to the plate 9,368 times and produced nine seasons with a .300 or better wOBA. In Bergens 11-year career he came to bat only 3,228 times, coupled with only four seasons having a wOBA over David Reeves Jersey .200.
Of course, no player hits that poorly and sticks around for your long without getting a redeeming quality. Bergen was widely considered the premier defensive catcher of his time. He owns the record for most runners caught Jim Brown Jersey stealing in a single game, six. Also, he sits on many baseball historians lists of best defensive catchers. Still, even when we disproportionately weigh his mythical defensive abilities, it hardly compensates for his historically putrid skills using the bat.
Bill Bergen has his devote history, although it may not be a favorable one. Yet hes not the favourite, or infamous, baseball-playing member of his family. As William of The Captains Blog eloquently chronicles, Bills brother Marty, himself a catcher within the late 19th century, took an axe to his wife and kids before slicing his own neck.
Its tough to come up with a fitting conclusion to some story relating to the worst hitter in baseball history. Instead, Ill leave you with a graph I couldnt resist creating.

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