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BEIJING Cheap Nike Air Max Thea Womens , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese stocks opened lower on Friday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index down 0.13 percent to open at 3,423.18 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index opened 0.11 percent lower at 11,540.55 points. The ChiNext Index, China's NASDAQ-style board of growth enterprises, was down 0.07 percent to open at 1 Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Womens ,882.72 points.

(This article is generated by Xinhua News Robot.)


YANGON, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar football team embraced a brilliant start by giving a 3-0 drubbing to Cambodia at Yangon's Thuwunna Stadium on Saturday evening.

The whole stadium was red and filled as Myanmar supporters wearing the home team's red-color suit sat on the stadium.

Myanmar team came to the pitch with the usual under-23 line-up with the change of a few young faces.

Both teams' coaches are South Korean and the referee is also a South Korean referee.

Myanmar's Zaw Min Tun headed the ball from a corner kick into a far-away corner, scoring the first goal home at 16 minute, and Cambodia keeper could not handle it but just gazing stupefied.

Kyaw Ko Ko, Myanmar's outstanding star, headed again between two defenders the ball coming from midfielder Kyi Lin to add the second goal at 34 minute.

At 46 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Womens , just the start of the second half, Kyaw Ko Ko scored his second, the team's third.

Myanmar will play against Timor and Cambodia will compete with Indonesia on Monday as the second round of the group stage.


HONG KONGBEIJING, April 22 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong government on Wednesday revealed a detailed plan for the 2017 election of the Special Administrative Region (SAR)'s next leader by universal suffrage, drawing support from the central government and a majority of residents.

Candidates for the next HKSAR chief executive will be picked by a 1,200-member nominating committee from four social sectors consisting of 38 sub-sectors Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , which is similar to the election committee for the current chief executive in 2012, said Carrie Lam, chief secretary for administration of HKSAR, who delivered the plan to lawmakers at the SAR's Legislative Council (LegCo).

Lam described the first ever universal suffrage in Hong Kong history as "not only a great leap forward for Hong Kong's constitutional development, but also a historic moment for our country."

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said on Wednesday that it is an "important milestone for Hong Kong's democratic development" and he hopes Hong Kong society, including LegCo members Cheap Air Max Thea Womens , could support the plan.

The State Council Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office said in a statement later that the constitutional reform package is "legal, feasible, rational and practical."

The plan not only conforms to the Basic Law and the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), but also suits the region's reality and takes account of the interests of all walks of Hong Kong society, the statement said.

The central government consistently supports efforts to advance democratic development in Hong Kong in a progressive manner and in accordance with the Basic Law and the decision of the NPC Standing Committee, it said.

"Constitutional development in Hong Kong has entered a crucial stage and we sincerely hope that all parties in the region can build consensus and grasp the historic opportunity to realize the goal for a universal suffrage election in 2017 Cheap Air Max 95 Womens ," the statement said.


In general, nominating procedures prior to a public vote should be divided into two stages, namely the "members recommendation" stage and the "committee nomination" stage.

Firstly, a potential candidate may be recommended by at least 120 and at most 240 members of the nominating committee, and each nominating committee member may only recommend one person. Therefore, there may be five to 10 possible candidates.

Secondly Cheap Air Max 90 Womens , the nominating committee should finally select two to three chief executive candidates through a secret ballot vote. Each nominating committee member may vote for at least two people. Those who win the most endorsements as well as a simple majority will become official candidates.

Then, all five million eligible Hong Kong voters may elect the chief executive from the official candidates through a "one person, one vote" election using a first-past-the-post system.

The proposed universal suffrage package must be endorsed by at least two-thirds of all LegCo members before Chief Executive Leung gives his consent and the top legislature gives final approval.

"Today, the government sincerely puts forth specific proposals that have been formulated on the basis of public aspirations as well as the overall and long-term interests of the Hong Kong community," Lam said.

Whether Hong Kong's constitutional development can move forward or suffers a standstill is now in the hands of every LegCo member, Lam said Cheap Air Max Womens , calling on all LegCo members to examine the proposed package as soon as possible by using their constitutional power.

"This is a call made on you by this era and it is history which places this responsibility on your shoulders," Lam said, adding she hopes that the lawmakers can complete the voting procedures before LegCo's recess this summer.


During the announcement of the constitutional reform package details, more than 1,000 Hong Kong residents gathered in front of the LegCo complex, holding banners and shouting slogans to show their support.

"Of course (we) should support universal suffrage. With the right to vote Cheap Nike Air Max Thea Shoes , we can choose the chief executive we like," said a 68-year-old retired civil servant with the surname Chan.

Maria Tam Wai-chu, a member of the NPC Standing Committee Basic Law Committee from Hong Kong, said society should accept the reform package.

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ULAN BATOR Cheap Adidas Originals Womens Shoes UK , Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- The inauguration ceremony of thecomplete translation of the classic Chinese tale "Journey to theWest" took place here on Monday.

It was converted by famous translator Dorjsuren Boldbaatar intomodern Mongolian Cyrillic from an old Mongolian script version bycomparing it to the original one in Chinese.

Boldbaatar said that he further intends to translate anothermasterpiece of Chinese literature "Dream of the Red Chamber" thisyear.

Published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty andattributed to Wu Cheng'en, Journey to the West is one of the fourgreat classical novels of Chinese literature.

Over the past decade, Boldbaatar translated and publishedseveral Chinese classical works such as the other two Chinese greatclassical novels "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "WaterMargin."

by Xu Haijing, Zhao Bo

ADELAIDE, Australia Cheap Adidas Originals Mens Shoes UK , Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- China is an active member of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and is impressive in opening its space missions to other countries, said Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

Di Pippo made the remarks when having an interview with Xinhua on Wednesday during the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which opened on Monday in Adelaide, South Australia.

Di Pippo said China as an active member of the Committee has been attending with very solid delegations and also in term of technological expertise Cheap Adidas Originals Shoes UK , "presenting a lot of new initiatives and ideas."

One of the new initiatives is the Belt and Road Initiative, proposed by China in 2013, aiming to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa on and beyond the ancient Silk Road routes. It comprises the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

"We are trying to negotiate in a bilateral way between UNOOSA and Chinese government how we can be part of the Belt and Road Initiative, an important initiative that China is putting forward. Clearly, we are focusing on the space segment Cheap Adidas Originals UK Sale , space aspect, space elements of the Belt and Road Initiative," Di Pippo said.

Meanwhile, the UN agency is also about to begin discussion on how China can be supportive in the United Nations' big initiative, which is to link space as a tool for the fulfilment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and therefore the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Faux wood blinds are making their presence felt Air VaporMax Moc UK , especially in those market segments that cannot purchase the original blinds. Faux blinds do not look an imitation at all, especially if you look from a distance. They are available in many designs and patterns and offer an opportunity to decorate your homes and offices on a budget.

There is a kind of controversy taking place between people that make genuine wood blinds and those producing synthetic wood blinds. The advantages many people uncover in synthetic wood blind is actually that they’re less expensive to make and that their strength is actually higher. But many people defend the strength of genuine wood blinds and their elegance that may squeeze in just about any place.

You should be cautious while purchasing faux wood blinds as some do not have a good quality. You can easily distinguish the best products by looking at their finish and sturdiness. Websites like Amazon or stores like Home Depot have the best quality blinds available at economical prices.

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Quality issues

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Poor designs

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You must have heard the statement that faux wood blinds are not built to last. This is not true as now many products are available that come with years of guarantee. It has been made possible with the introduction of new synthetic materials that are resistant to weather patterns and can withstand damage. There are also no issues of sagging slats or other problems thanks to the excellent finish of these products.

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MELBOURNE, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- The forerunner of the 2016 Australian Football League (AFL) season, the pre-season competition, gets underway on Thursday night when Hawthorn and Carlton dust off the summer cobwebs and meet in Launceston Air VaporMax 97 UK , Tasmania.

It was less than five months ago that Hawthorn won its third consecutive AFL premiership and much of the focus on the upcoming season will be whether the Hawks can do what only the Collingwood side of 1927-1930 has been able to achieve: win four straight flags.

At the other end of the spectrum, the uncertainty that shrouds the Essendon Bombers following the suspension of 12 players for doping infringements is only exacerbated by the arrival of new coach John Worsfold.

Worsfold was not the only coaching change in the off-season, though, with Brendan Bolton and Don Pyke assuming their first head-coaching positions at the Carlton Blues and Adelaide Crows Air VaporMax CS UK , respectively.

Nathan Buckley will be desperate for his Collingwood Magpies to make finals this season for the first time since 2013 after the club once again stocked up on young talent in the off-season.

Meanwhile, with his contract set to expire at the end of the season, Richmond Tigers' head coach Damien Hardwick will be under intense pressure to deliver wins early in order to earn a contract extension.

The AFL season proper begins on March 24th, when Carlton and Richmond meet at the MCG on a Thursday night.

Here Air VaporMax Flyknit UK , Xinhua presents a guide to the 18 teams, and their chances in 2016:

Adelaide Crows

Key recruits: Troy Menzel, Paul Seedsman, Curtly Hampton (trade)

Key departures: Patrick Dangerfield (trade) Air VaporMax Laceless UK , Brent Reilly (retired)

2015 result: Semi-final loss

Coach: Don Pyke

Captain: Taylor Walker

The great unknown of a new coach in Don Pyke coupled with the hole in midfield left by Patrick Dangerfield's departure for Geelong in the off-season could mean a significant drop-off from 2015 for the Crows this season.

2016 prediction: 12th

Brisbane Lions

Key recruits: Ryan Bastinac, Tom Bell (trade), Joshua Schache (draft)

Key departures: James Aish, Jack Redden (trade) Air VaporMax Off White UK , Matthew Leuenberger (Free agent)

2015 result: 17th

Coach: Justin Leppitsch

Captain: Tom Rockliff

There is the foundation of a potentially very good team in Brisbane now that the long-term goal kicking solution has hopefully been found in youngster Josh Schache but 2016 will be another year of developing young talent for the Lions.

2016 prediction: 16th

Carlton Blues

Key recruits: Jacob Weitering, Harry McKay, Charlie Curnow (draft)

Key departures: Troy Menzel, Lachie Henderson Air VaporMax Womens UK , Tom Bell, Chris Yarran (trade), Andrew Carrazzo (retired)

2015 result:. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys Cheap Authentic NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Sports Jerseys Wholesale Custom Sports Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping

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