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China and the United States can sidestep the Thucydides Trap and the Kindlerberger Trap and jointly chart bilateral ties from a long-term perspective Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys , Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday in Beijing.

"China has the confidence to avoid the historical precedent through enhanced dialogue and coordination with the US side," Wang said during a luncheon speech at the 2017 China Development Forum (CDF).

As the interests of emerging powers and established powers converge in an interconnected world, conflicts will lead to nothing but a lose-lose situation, Wang said.

The Thucydides Trap refers to a warning by the ancient Greek historian that cataclysmic war can erupt if a rising power causes fear in an established power.

The two countries will not fall to the Kindlerberger Trap either Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , Wang said, as a single country cannot provide all public goods for the world with such complexity, and international cooperation is the only possible choice.

Charles Kindlerberger, an intellectual architect of the Marshall Plan who later taught at MIT Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys , believes that the disastrous decade of the 1930s was caused by the US replacing Britain as the largest global power but failing to take on Britain's role in providing public goods.

Applauding US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's remarks during his recent visit to China, Wang said that China stands ready to advance bilateral ties from a strategic perspective.

Tillerson said that the United States and China should jointly chart bilateral ties for the next 50 years and plan all-round cooperation.

On the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, Wang said that solutions proposed by China, including the "parallel-track approach" Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and replacing the Korean armistice with a peace agreement at the same time, as well as the "suspension-for-suspension proposal," that is the DPRK's suspension of missile and nuclear activities in exchange for a halt of the large scale US-ROK exercises, are realistic and reasonable.

"Such solutions aim for resuming talks and early harvests Cheap Chicago Bears Jerseys ," Wang said, adding that it is necessary to adopt a more flexible attitude and be creative in solving the issue.

China stands ready to shoulder its due international responsibilities, but never wants to lead the world, Wang said.

China has established different kinds of partnership with 97 countries and international organizations. Wang said that China will continue to expand such partnerships.

Take Your Amateur Postcards to the Professional Level Published: 17.04.2010 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising

Once you get the hang of postcard printing Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys , you should try to improve your outputs and experiment a little. Sometimes it pays to take your amateur postcards to a more professional level.

This is true especially when you want to use them for marketing. Lucky for you, we have here a few tips that can help you with this. Just read on below and see how you can take your amateur color postcards to a more professional level.

鈥? Use professionally made templates 鈥?One of the initial things that you may want to do to make your amateur color postcards look more professional is to use templates. Of course, I do not mean just the typical templates here. I mean actual professional templates from the experts. More particularly, I am referring here to the templates you get from printing companies.

Do not worry. It is easy to get your hands on these templates. Just go online and look for online printing companies. You should be able to see several that offer free downloads of professional templates. These should have pre-set dimensions Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys , guidelines and sometimes even layout suggestions, which should really help to make your postcards look professional.

鈥? Take professional looking pictures 鈥?Another thing you can to do is to use professional looking pictures. While those clip-arts and Internet based images might look good, these images are actually not ideal. You should actually try to get professional images from image databases from the Internet, or basically take your own artistic images. Usually Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , images from original sources will look better since they are in a higher resolution. So make sure you get professional images for a more professional look.

鈥? Write professional sounding text 鈥?Of course, if your image is done professionally, you should of course make your text sound professional. Do not worry. It is very easy to do this actually. All you have to do is to make your text simple and enticing. Do not try long-winded statements or overly artistic metaphors. Just say things that are important and you will do fine. Believe me, a clearer and simpler text will usually result into more professional sounding color postcards.

鈥? Printing like the professionals 鈥?Finally Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys , you should of course print professionally if you want them to look great. Do not just print your color postcards from home. Try to hire professional printing companies to be sure that your prints turn out great. You can easily do this through the online printing portals that most of these firms have. Just look for online printing companies in a search engine and you should get plenty of results.

Just make sure you choose the best printing options that you can afford based on the several options, which will be presented to you by the printing company. Once you got the most appropriate option, you need not worry about your postcard printing output and everything should be fine.

Therefore, that is how you can take your amateur postcard to the professional level. As long as you are determined to produce the best output for your objectives Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys , you should be able to do it. Good Luck!

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards or pos. Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Jerseys From China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Jerseys China MLB Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys From China NFL Jerseys From China NBA Jerseys Free Shipping

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