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While schools of crappie tend to congregate in shallow lake areas Jean-Gabriel Pageau Senators Jersey , river crappie fishing can also produce a great catch if you know what you're doing. By following several tips, river crappie fishing, especially in the spring during spawning season, can offer a world of success, both in size and quantity of crappie caught. What should you do if you prefer to river crappie fishing to lakes? Here are some tips to finding the most and biggest slabs available.

First of all, when river crappie fishing, remember that this breed of fish don't typically challenge the main flow of the river like larger, heavier fish. Instead, they will use eddies, slack water, and heavy cover to help them break the current and work their way upstream. These will be the best areas of the river in which to fish. Also, spawning occurs outside the current in areas that warm to between 66 and 70 degrees more quickly. Especially search through vertical cover that grows up from the river bottom above the surface, as this is a great place for crappie to stop and be held.

If you are in a slower moving river, crappie fishing is best in areas of brush and stumps, as these are the best holding areas for fish passing through. The actual nomadic movement of the pre-spawning season begins as the waters warm to about 62 degrees and becomes a bit muddy because silty water provides a quicker swim than clear waters.

One excellent way that you can take advantage of river crappie fishing is to search the tailwaters below the river dams. After moving up river, crappie will congregate in such areas and remain still for a while, offering an excellent opportunity for a huge turnout. The best rigs to take advantage of such waters are usually arranged from a combination of a jig and a minnow, using a leadhead that is heavy enough to get down into the current. Look in areas of heavy cover and structures that break the current, such as lock walls or sandbar edges.

Realize that, when river crappie fishing, you are not likely to have a hard bite. Soft strikes are common, especially among pre-spawn crappie, and you frequently will notice only that your line goes slack or that something doesn't feel right. Often, you may wonder if you've only snagged on a leaf or stick, but be prepared to reel in anyway, as this is quite probably a catch. Make note of how deep that sinker was as you bring in the line, since it is also quite likely there is an entire small school of crappie here.

By Sportswriters Huang Jie, Wang Haoyu

BEIJING, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- As Shandong grabbed the last ticketto the playoffs and Beijing dropped out, the regular season of the2016-2017 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league lowered itscurtain on Sunday.

Shanghai came back to the playoffs after a three-year wait whenBeijing said goodbye to the top eight, which also spoiled StephonMarbury's 40th birthday.

The Shanghai Sharks are famous for their boss and former playerYao Ming, the biggest star in Chinese basketball history. Beforejoining the NBA's Houston Rockets in 2002, the giant left Shanghaiwith its only CBA championship from the 2001-2002 season, beatingformer powerhouse Bayi by 3-1 and becoming the second CBA championin history.

The Sharks never recovered from Yao's leaving until the2009-2010 season. After his retirement, Yao came back to become theboss of the club and hired Bob Donewald Jr. as coach, who led theSharks to the semifinals in 2010, which is the third-best result inthe club's history.

Shanghai made into the playoffs three times after the 2009-2010season, and were eliminated in the first round each time.

Everything changed when the team announced the addition ofJimmer Fredette before the current season. As the 2011 NationalPlayer of the Year in the NCAA, Fredette ranked as the leadingscorer in all of Division I during his senior season for the BYUCougars. He was selected with the 10th overall pick in the 2011 NBAdraft, but only played limited minutes across four different teamsover five NBA seasons. Fredette spent most of the 2015-2016 seasonin the NBA Development League before he decided to join theSharks.

Then a miracle happened. The Sharks failed only once in thefirst 10 matches, which was the best start for the team in history.They topped the league after the first half of the regular seasonand finished third at 30-8, which is the best regular season forthe team in 15 years. Their 18-1 record at home was also the bestfor the last 15 years.

This was a major change not only for the Sharks but also forFredette. The BYU superstar found that he was unstoppable on court,scoring 1,381 points from 37 matches, leading the entire season. Hemade in 171 three-pointers and was 246-of-265 at the free-throwline. In Sunday's match against Guangsha, Fredette scored acareer-high and also team history-high 73 points, almost savingShanghai in two overtimes. Now he is considered one of the bestforeign players of the league.

Shanghai will play against Shenzhen in the first round of theplayoffs, which kick off on Friday. For Yao Ming and the club, thismight be the ideal time to harvest after eight-years of hardwork.

Old soldiers never die. They just fade away. Before Fredette,Stephon Marbury was the best foreign player in the CBA, the MVP ofBeijing Ducks and a local hero in Beijing. After joining theBeijing Ducks in 2012, he brought the city three CBA championshiptitles in four seasons and became the first foreign player in theCBA to receive a Chinese green card in 2016. The former lone wolfof the NBA found his rebirth in China, where he was named one ofits 10 ""model citizens"" in 2014 and also made an honorary citizenof Beijing.

But on the eve of his 40th birthday, Marbury tried everything hecould but was still unable to lift Beijing into the top eight.After trailing double-digits before the final quarter, Marburyalmost led the. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Jerseys From China NHL Jerseys Free Shipping Baseball Jerseys From China New NHL Jerseys China New NFL Jerseys From China Football Jerseys China College Hockey Jerseys Cheap Replica Jerseys Cheap

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